Christian Learning Centre



The purpose of the Learning
Centre is to provide an opportunity
for people who are interested in an in-depth study of the Bible and its
history. Today, as never before there is the need to know the doctrines
of grace and other doctrines of the scripture as well as their application
to life. The Urgency of the times makes the study and personal research
extremely important with a minimum of supervision. It is urged upon students,
that they attend classes when possible.


We wish to develop the individual through the highest Christian
potential. To encourage independent thinking with an appreciation of learning.

It is not our Intention to draw people to or from churches, we desire
only to provide the opportunity to all interested in working to attain
an adequate level of training to provide self-confidence and enthusiasm
in the proclamation of God’s Word.

To this end
We have established a research library and instruction classes
Free of Charge

We are situated at

33132 1st Ave Mission BC

Courses and Times TBA

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church